Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tongue Twisters

What is a Blog? I barely know, but I gather that you publicly opine about stuff in hopes that people will come to regard you as a pundit, and follow your musings, thereby increasing your gravitas.  People near and dear to me have told me that I must start a blog.  They must feel that I'm gravitas-challenged, and they may be right.  So here I am blogging away:

At first I assumed that all my opining would be about music and audio, and that's why I named my blog accordingly.  So sorry if you thought I was going to talk about music and audio.  But I am not going to this time.  There is so much more in this world to opine about.   For instance tongue twisters:  I like 'em!  I don't actually like reciting them, but I love to make up ornate ones.

Such as:

Silly Shelly sells she-crabs while
Silly Sally shells sea-crabs

Try saying that once, let alone five times fast!

Or my current favorite:

Choosy Suzie's special sushi skins,
Choice of choosy sushi chefs

If you have a favorite tongue twister, please share it with the class.  You have those comment boxes. Use 'em for Pete's sake!

I will be back at some time in the future talking about serious music and audio stuff.  And I will be very pundit-like. Really.



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