Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jon Gordon Music Production - Your Vote Needed!

 Dear Friends:

    I am applying for a grant through the Chase Mission Main Street program, which annually awards 20 grants to small businesses.  In order to meet the requirement to compete for this grant I must receive 250 votes from people like yourself by October 17th, 2014. 
    It only takes a minute to vote and it costs nothing.  It does require that you have a Facebook profile.  Chase uses this info only to insure that people do not vote twice for the same company.  Here is the link:


    If you didn't just click that link, maybe you want to know why I am asking for your vote?  A fair question.  Read on:
    In 2005, like many smaller recording facilities, I set up shop in my current location with a pile of recording gear I had accumulated over the years, a shoestring budget, and a dream. 
    My perception was that there was a gap in the availability of affordable, professional audio production services.  My goal was to provide those services.
    Almost a decade later, I am still doing it!  I have worked for hundreds of artists and musicians, helping to make your projects a reality.  As my business has grown, I have furnished thousands of dollars of subcontracting to various local artists and composers.  I have worked on an Oscar winning film, a Grammy nominated album and composed trailers for a major sports event (2014 FIFA World Cup), among many other jobs.   I continue to be happy, proud of, and energized by the work I've done!

    This grant, should I get it, would be substantial.  What would I do with $150K instead of a shoestring?  Some items spring immediately to mind:
    1) Revamp, augment and replace aging equipment.
    2) Expand my intern program
    3) Implement a subsidized recording program for promising young
    4) Continue to find new and exciting ways to grow and expand.

    Please follow the link above and vote for Jon Gordon Music Production!


Jon Gordon

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