Friday, October 24, 2014

You Meet the Coolest People at La Guardia

I was thrilled to run into one of my heroes, John Hall, at the United baggage carousel at LGA last Sunday! That would be John Hall of Orleans - one of the most refined purveyors of the two guitar attack I've ever seen, and a major hit songwriter. I first saw Orleans as a teenager at the late great Max's Kansas City, and was hooked ever since.
Then he served as Congressman for NYS district 19 from 2007 - 2011, where he fought the good fight for his constituents.
We chatted briefly. He's back to doing shows with Orleans and remains an active part of the upstate NY music scene. My sense was that as much as he had enjoyed his term in the US Congress, he had paid his dues, and was ready to put it behind him.
We talked a little about the upcoming election.
Then I had to go chasing after my wife's suitcase, and my brush with greatness was over. John Hall is surely an example of what an exceptional American can do!

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